Welcome! Let me know how I can make your naughty dreams come true.

Latest updates as of 4/2/19:

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! If you did want to do something special (and get access to my super exclusive vacation Dropbox) you can contribute to my long awaited spa day by tipping $50! I will also graciously accept champagne and Singapore Slings! ♥️♥️

Latest update as of 3/2/19:

The other news is that I now have a Patreon page. You can show your support for only $1/month AND get a cool Discord role. There will be a bunch of exclusive stuff too and I made it so the tiers are pretty fun, like signed photos and doodles, or even access to my Snapchat for just $15/month. I’m really excited. I already have my first patron!


Lastly, some of you might have been having issues with the ManyVids page. It’s been a little buggy. Sometimes I can’t get it to load. It is what it is, but don’t fret! I’m currently working on uploading all of my videos to Clips4Sale (I have about 60 left to go), but currently everything is up to date on my Modelhub page.

You still have easy access to Bea Porn!!



That’s all for now!!