Bea for MV’s Booty of the Year


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  • Prebook 1-on-1 time with Bea! I’m never available for Skype or KIK sessions, but just for this contest, I’ll be carving out extra time! We can figure out something that works for both of us. 
  • Every paid vote will be entered to win: 10 of my personal favourite videos, Valentine’s day care package, and a custom 10 minute video!
  • Get ALL of my videos for $150 ($2000+ value and 24+ hours of content)


$5 – I’ll surprise you with a video

$10 – You can pick out a video 

$25 – 2 months of Premium Snapchat (nudes sent directly to you almost daily)

$50 – Choose between 1 year of Premium Snapchat, panties, or my Valentine’s care package filled with love and goodies

$75 –  Choose between 10 videos of your choice or a panties care package filled with love and goodies 

$100 – Choose between lifetime of Premium Snapchat, 3 day casual and flirty GFE, or a 10 minute custom video 

$150 – ALL my current videos for you to have and download

$250 – Choose between an exclusive custom video with your name or 1 week sexty and flirty GFE

$500 – A taste of it all. All 130+ videos, 10 minute custom video, 3 day sexty and flirty GFE, care package, and 1 year of Premium Snapchat!

$750 – The best of everything mentioned above. All 130+ videos, 10 minute exclusive custom video, 1 week sexty and flirty GFE, care package with panties, and my lifetime Premium Snapchat! 

$??? – Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

Booking 1-on-1 time:

Kik sessions (more details can be found at

$2/minute — normally $2.50/min.

Cam sessions (more details can be found at

$4/minute — normally $5/min.

This time will be good up until Dec. 31st, 2019. If we can’t work something out, then we’ll get more videos or something else equivalent. 

Questions? —

I loved having sessions with you in the past, can I buy a bunch of your time in votes and space it out throughout the year?

Yes, as long as it’s at least 15 minute increments and it was purchased during this contest. 

How long will custom videos take? 

You will have to be patient with these, especially since I put a lot of love and pride into my these. I do promise to get any contest customs completed ASAP though! 

What’s in the care package?

There’s a lot of little things included like Valentine’s candy, a hand made valentine, an cute little something, and signed printed photos.

What if I can’t give you money?

Free votes are awesome too! If I place in the Top 5, I’ll be uploading a free video with LOTS of booty and butt stuff.