Contact me for Instructions:

Square/Cash App

Google Pay/Wallet (not always instant)

Bitcoin (not instant)

Amazon GCs (+10%)

Gyft (use your PayPal account discreetly/+10%)

Lululemon & Nordstrom GCs (when I’m feeling generous/+10%)


ManyVids (use your Credit Card or pay with Bitcoin)

ModelHub Tip (discreetly use your Credit Card)

Clips4Sale Tribute (discreetly use your Credit Card)

Patreon (only for Snapchat subscriptions, but you can use your Credit Card or PayPal)

Return Policy

No returns… ever. We can reschedule at my discretion or you will be cashed out in premade content.

    • If you’re a dick, I’ll give you one warning. If the behavior continues, then I will end the session/GFE and you will not be refunded.
  • If you go missing and stop responding during a session or GFE, that’s on you and I will not reschedule the remaining time.