Custom Videos

I’ll be the star in your custom little porn. Videos are filmed on my iPhone X and are 1080p with 60FPS. I have lots of sexy outfits to choose from, like any of these. Plus, I have plenty of toys I can use too. Here are the toys that we can play with.

Prices are in blocks! The price increases as more details, scripting, and stuff get added. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you let me know everything you want included when you message me, but keep in mind I’ll only take on projects that I think will be fun to make! I know it might sound a bit pricey to some, but filming all those angles and making them look good while fucking myself is not small task! Plus, I put a lot of love into my editing. Have you seen any of my premades?!

Vanilla: Give me an idea of what you’d like to see me do, include just a few poses, and let the dialogue come naturally when needed. You can still pick out my outfit, suggest wig and makeup, and help pick out toys. There are times when I might offer a discount if your idea is UNCOMPLICATED! Let’s be candid, most of your ideas are NOT though.

5-7 Minutes: $75

9-11 Minutes: $100

14-16 Minutes: $125

20+ Minutes message me with video details for a quote


Anal: $0-25

Script: $10-25

JOI: $10-25

Unique Fetish: $25-50

Messy: $25

Misc.: $0-100

+$50-100 to have me say your name and make this video just between you and me.

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